All About The

TC Boss Squad

One of our key beliefs is the ability to define success on your terms.


Because we know that all too often, messages are centered around reaching a certain income goal – that you aren’t considered successful until you scale to six figures or have a $10K launch. 

We call bullshit.

Some arbitrary number does not define how successful you are as a business owner. 

Maybe, you’re version of success means focusing your energy on creating impact and serving your audience well. Or perhaps you want to make enough so you can you can work less and enjoy more time with family. Or, maybe your version means creating enough income so that you can go on a vacation four times per year. 

Here’s the deal – YOU get the decide.  

We believe…

Success is how you define it

In creating a judgment-free zone

You don’t have to do things on your own

Connection and community is about mutual support,
shared experiences, acceptance and belonging*

In Real Power [[Power that we create and build with others]]*

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* Full credit to one of our favorite authors, Brene Brown for these two concepts, from her book, I Thought it Was Just Me (But It Isn’t).