Do you define success
on your own terms?

Starting and running a business can be lonely. We know firsthand – when we started our businesses, we were the only one in our group of friends. I.e., we didn’t have a network of other supportive women who ‘got it.’ We wanted people to collaborate and connect with; talk about mindset and personal growth; about marketing and service offerings; and of course, client horror stories.

Which is why we created Twin Cities Boss Squad [[TCBS]] – a community for local women business owners who want to collaborate on projects, share resources and build relationships.


Join the free Facebook Community.  You’ll find like-minded women entrepreneurs who crave connection and support, who want to share resources and knowledge, and who are all working towards their version of success.

Who We Are

A network of women business owners who all have different dreams and versions of success which is a-ok.

In our community, you don’t need a permission slip to define what success means for you. We’re here to support you, regardless.

If it’s a big, hairy, scary dream, hell yes, GO FOR IT. But, if your version of success is making enough to pay your bills and take your family on a vacation once per year, then you go girl, we’ll cheer you on for that!

Regardless of what you want in your life, this community will support you and help you reach those goals. Plus, it’s local so we get to meet in person (some day!) and truly build strong connections and relationships.


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Business building is so much more than just a business; your entire life contributes to your business and having a supportive community who ‘gets it,’ will only make you that much more successful.

TCBS is a safe space to share your dreams. Talk about money. Talk about relationships. Talk about the hardships of owning a business but also the amazing things, too.

And dogs. Jen and Kelly love to talk about their fur kids…okay, it’s mostly Jen.

TCBS is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness. We welcome womxn of all backgrounds, are LGBTQ+ friendly, and encourage everyone to be themselves. This is not a space where sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist or otherwise discriminatory language is welcome. In other words, no bad vibes.